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While YouTube and online video is becoming more and more popular, so are the screencasts. Used for step by step software tutorials, product presentations or even to show website functionalities, finding a screencast software you can rely on is very important.

Thinking about this, we came up with the list below of 10 screencast apps that might help you decide which one is better for you. Always remembering that a fully featured  screencast production program has some powerful features and it is important that you make sure it includes the following:

  • Ability to record the screen, as well as from your webcam or even external digital video camera;

  • You should also be able to record audio from your built-in mic or external mic for better quality, as well as being able to record audio to a separate track;

  • It is always better to have the ability to add text fot titles, callouts and explanations, as well as cursor magnification;

  • Look for some video editing features such as transition, zoom, magnify and the ability to add multiple audio and video files.

1. Screen Flow

ScreenFlow is a screencasting software used by many important websites, such as MacWorld, due to its simplicity yet very powerful features that include 2D and 3D transitions, video and audio controls, audio ducking and detaching, callouts, titloing effects and so on.

It's definitely an option to consider when looking for screencast software!

Platform: Mac only
Type: Software
Price: USD 99.00

2. Camstudio

CamStudio is a free screencasting application that offers quite a few functionalities for the fact of being free. With CamStudio you can record your screen with audio or add captions later, choose custom cursors, add callouts, record the whole or only sections of the screen and so on.

The downside: there isn't a version for the Mac and there are some reported bugs when playing it on browsers others than IE. That means it is really meant only for Windows users.

Platform: Windows only
Type: Software
Price: FREE

3. Camtasia Studio

Camtasia is a software created by TechSmith and is already at version 7. It's probably one of the best known and most complete screencast apps around. With Camtasia you can assemble a video from a number of clips, it is organized in a storyboard (or timeline), you can normalize audio (to keep the same volume level throughout the movie), smartfocus and many, many more!

Definitely an option for professional and high quality screencast videos!

Platform: Mac and Windows (2 different versions)
Type: Software
Price: USD 99.00 (Mac) and USD 299.00 (Windows)

4. Pixetell

Pixetell is originally meant to deliver a short video message/screencast to your clients or partners.

It has features like area recording, you can add attachments to the file, password protect it and send a link via e-mail to the emails you choose. Everything on Pixetell is very easy and user friendly. Making it short, Pixeltell is a visual messaging system, far beyond a simple screen recorder a video mail type system, making it easy to send company information back and forth or just to create great screencasts.

Platform: Windows only
Type: Hosted
Price: USD 99.00/yr (Basic version)

5. iShowU HD

With iShowU HD you can easily create your screencast with many awesome features such as: record pre-defined areas, upload to the web, use system sound and multi channel mixers, key strokes, Final Cut Express compatible etc.

Platform: Mac
Type: Software
Price: USD 29.95 (Pro version: 59.95)

6. Jing

Also owner by TechSmith, Jing is a great app that mixes online with installed software to create screen videos. Mainly designed to be an instant sharing tool, Jing doens't offer complicated options, they focus on ease of use to create fast-to-share information.

Platform: Mac and Windows
Type: Software (half Hosted as well)
Price: FREE and USD 14.95/yr (Jing Pro)

7. Demo Creator

Demo Creator is a Windows only software that allows you to create screencasts with features like custom are, has great options of Rich Illustration Objects, separate audio recording, many delivery options and so on.

Platform: Windows only
Type: Software
Price: USD 99.95 (Personal License)

8. Screenr

Screenr is an awesome free online instant screencasting application for Twitter created by a company called Articulate Glocal. Screenr is free, targeted for twitter, runs from the browser (no PC or Mac issues), is easy to use and fast, in minutes you can have a complete screencast.

Being targeted for twitter, it lacks some features like exporting the movie or editing timeline, but it is a great option for fast screencasts.

Platform: Browser (Linux and Windows)
Type: Hosted
Price: FREE

9. Screeen-O-Matic

Screen-O-Matic has a free version, very basic, and a pro version that gets rid of logos and has some editing features like trimming video and audio editing. It is a very easy to use software for fast screencasting, but lacks some more advanced attributes.

Platform: Linux and Windows
Type: Hosted
Price: FREE with watermark (or one-time USD 5.00 for Pro account)

10. Wink

Wink is a Freeware, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Geat free option, but also lacks some basic features for screencast editing and Mac compatibility (although it runs on Linux).

Platform: Linux and Windows
Type: Software
Price: FREE

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