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Vendor BitDefender LLC
Vendor`s Web
Version 2010
OS WinXP,Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista x64
Language English
License Shareware

BitDefender Internet Security 2010 is a reliable anti-virus application, and it can protect your computer from malicious intruders and attackers without any doubt. To use this software for one year on three computers, you have to pay $30.

Although this security program might not attract your attention with its interface, it will definitely make an impression with the fact that it detects 99.66 % of infected files and threats in computer tests. In a test with 10 infections, BitDefender Antivirus disables 9 of them without problems. However, tests show that fighting against rootkits turns out to be a little difficult task for this AV tool.

One of the negative sides of this security application is that it misses some essential security packages and system scans run by this tool may not be as effective as needed. This version of the program, edited in 2010, provides some new characteristics and a different view to security issues. BitDefender Internet Security 2010 has some options which are not seen in BitDefender Total Security 2010. For example, it has Data Backups, File Shredding and PC Tuning. In contrast to Total Security 2009, Internet Security 2010 demonstrates better performance in detecting malware and spam attackers.

BitDefender comes with an innovative idea of creating software which interface is based on how the user answers to different questions. To accomplish this idea, the interface has been created in different levels, everyone of which provided different and more detailed options.

It does not take much time to install BitDefender Internet Security 2010. After installation, the computer has to be rebooted in order for the changes to take place. The next step is to register your software and configure it. In case that you already have created an account with BitDefender, you do not need to create a new one.

To configure your AV program, you have to choose how your PC is used (for video and other multimedia applications, browsing, games, if parental control is needed or if you prefer using Custom preferences). The next step is to specify the type of your system ( whether it is a part of a home network or a laptop).

Next, you have to define the level of experience of the user – you can choose between Novice, Intermediate, and Expert. It depends on the type of user you choose whether the interface of the program will be more simple or more detailed. For example, in the Intermediate level you can find Security, Dashboard, Parental Controls, File Vault, and Network tabs. In the Expert mode are included firewall settings and restrictions.

What you need to do next is scan your system for the first time with the tool. Then, you are ready to use your new tool. However, the creators of this software have expected that users may need to change between the different levels in the course of their work, so the program allows this to be done without problems. Also, a Game Mode is available, which makes it much more comfortable for users to enjoy their games without any interruption.

First, you can manage other computers with the same software using the Network tab. On the Dashboard you can see information about the security of the system. You can also run a quick scan of the system from the Dashboard. The Security tab you can use to update the program. You can also scan your system and any particular files and documents. With the Parental tab you can configure how the program can be accessed from your children, and you can put restrictions. In case that you need help with BitDefender, you can always follow the Help link, or look through the Help manuals that are provided. You will find the layout of the application user-friendly and easy for use, so there will be probably no problems when changing your program settings or scanning your system.

Without any doubt, there are certain advantages in the interface of Internet Security 2010.

There are three levels on which your system is scanned with BitDefender Internet Security 2010. First there is Malware detection based on signature. The other two levels are B-Have and Active Virus Control.

On the B-Have level potentially malicious applications are run in a virtual environment to check whether or not they are really harmful. AVC keeps an eye on how the application acts when working on your PC. Then the application receives some score and depending on this score it is labeled as malicious or harmless.

Of course, one of the most important features of a security application is how it scans your system. Any files that are scanned with BitDefender Internet Security – 2010 are added to a short term database. These files are then checked according to the BitDefender Online Database of Clean Files. Finally, they are added to a long list of safe files.

The spam filter of BitDefender Internet Security – 2010 works very well. It can be used on Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird. BitDefender Internet Security – 2010 shows very good results, and it is really worth a try.

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