Free Download 10 Useful Pieces of Software for Stock Traders

10 Useful Pieces of Software for Stock Traders

Whether you’re a day trader or you just like to dabble with stocks once in a while, software can be
of use. Traders have their styles and preferences, but there is a reason big companies have been perfecting automation and leaving
less in the hands of humans.

Today the majority of transactions are decided on and made by computers using sophisticated algorithms,
and the individual traders may find themselves in need of an edge.

You may have an established way you pick your trades and you may have had success trading, or you may
be just starting out, whatever the case, you can benefit from trying out one of these 10 pieces of software.

  1. Hotstocked Precision

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Precision may be the optimal choice for individual traders, as it comes with nearly all of the features an investor could need
for a fraction of the price of competing software packages. This application offers traders the option to see the back-tested
performance of stocks matching customizable sets of criteria from an extensive database. It notably lacks information for traders
interested in bonds, but the rest of the features and the pricing give it the top spot. Hotstocked Precision was rated “Best Stock Trading Software of The Year”

  1. MetaStock 11


11provides stock analysis tools which can help investors spot trading opportunities and even suggests entry and exit market
strategies. The different tools available through MetaStock 11 allow novice traders to develop their skills and get an idea of
what a typical investor would do. The instructional tools and help make the software relatively easy to use even for absolute

  1. eSignal Advanced GET


Advanced GETis well-known among day traders. This piece of software offers a very complete set of tools, including one of the
best charts analysis tools. Unlike a lot of the other available stock software, eSignal Advanced GET is not specifically tied to a
single broker, which allows more freedom for the individual investor. One of the very few issues one could possibly have with
eSignal is its price.

  1. VectorVest

VectorVest stands out with its fundamental valuation feature,
which is rare in stock analysis software. As others in this section, this subscription package lets investors analyze and rank most
stocks traded on the major U.S. stock exchanges. As with our top choice, VectorVest comes at a very competitive price which puts it so
close to the top.

  1. Profit Source


Sourceis another package which provides practically
all of the tools an investor could possibly need. It includes some of the best trading system testing and back-testing tools out there.
At $3,999 Profit Source comes at the high end of the price list.

  1. Tradecision

Tradecision offers some enticing features. Perhaps most
notably, it allows users to get a number of neural network trading systems, as well as technical studies and indicators and a money
management module. Traders have the option to chose between a Professional Real Time version at $1,595 and the Professional package
for $400 less.

  1. TradeStation

TradeStation is a subscription based package, which stands
out with the capability to create custom trading systems. It allows the investor to create his/her own strategy and back-test them
or try them out in simulated trading. The professional version comes at $299.95 a month and the non-professional one is at $249.95.

  1. StockWiz

StockWiz lacks some of the features the high end competitors offer,
but ithas excellent data mining and screening capabilities. At $19.95 per month or $199.95 per year, StockWiz is a solution suitable for
those who don’t want to spend a lot.

  1. Wave59

Wave59 offers its proprietary market forecasting tools, which could
attract more adventurous traders. The neural network system provides short term traders with impressive analysis and decision
making solutions. Wave59 can be leased for $149 per month, alternatively it can be purchased for $2,750.

  1. Stock Predictor

Stock Predictor is an option which can be had for a one
time $295 license fee. This software allows stock charting including the ability to have multiple technical studies applied to one chart.
Depending on whether the user is content with the features of the software, this could be the cheapest choice.


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