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Webroot Desktop Firewall

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Vendor Webroot Software Inc.
Vendor`s Web
Version 1.3
OS Win98,WinME,Windows2000,WinXP
Language English,French,German,Italian,Spanish
License Shareware
Downloads 414

Webroot Desktop Firewall is one of the most effective security applications nowadays and it does not allow attackers created by hackers to enter your PC. At the same time, it provides security for your personal information and bank account details. This tool is able to keep an eye on your Internet traffic. It knows which information is safe to go out and in your PC. Based on this information, it judges whether the internet connection is secure or not. Webroot Desktop Firewall blocks unknown applications that seem unsafe from accessing your computer. It does not allow cyber criminals to enter your computer or target your data. If any activity on your PC does not seem to be safe for you, you can use the Internet Block button to stop the Internet connection until you decide if this activity is really threatening your security or not.

Meanwhile, you can still share your pictures and information with other computers in your local network, but you do not have to worry that your information will be accessed by hackers.
Webroot Desktop Firewall has an easy for use interface and its installation process is very quickly.

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