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Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

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Vendor Kaspersky Labs
Vendor`s Web
Version 7.0
OS Windows2000,WinXP
Language English,French,German,Italian,Russian,Spanish
License Shareware
Downloads 3549

Kaspersy Internet Security provides efficient and reliable protection from all modern malware that is out there. Some of the strongest features of the product include all-in-one protection from all Internet threats, antivirus protection with hourly database updates and sophisticated behavior analysis. The other great advantages of Kaspersy Internet Security are the real-time scanning for emails and all Internet traffic. The software has a in-built firewall that manages the traffic even better than the internal Windows one. Also for better children safety, Kaspersky provided an easy to use Parental Control. This will help parents to create a safe Web for their children even when the kids are alone in front of the PC.

Improved spam protection is another good feature of Kaspersy Internet Security. An anti-phishing protection is taking care for all your private information, leaving you safe from the thousands of fraudulent website copies online.

One of the best features of Kaspersy Internet Security is the self-defense of the software from being disabled or stopped. That way even most advanced Trojans that have the ability to disable many anti-virus programs will not be able to stop Kaspersy Internet Security from running. Just want to mention that usually Kaspersky is said to be an “anti-virus” software. Kaspersy Internet Security perfectly deals with all types of keyloggers, spyware and adware.

Last but not least, Kaspersy Internet Security has an improved detection of all types of rootkits. The modern malware often comes bundled with this type of threats and the ability to detect and remove a rootkit comes Number 1 priority for every Internet security software now. Kaspersy Internet Security offers free technical support too.

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