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BitDefender Internet Security

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Vendor BitDefender LLC
Vendor`s Web
Version 10
OS Windows2000,WinXP
Language English,German,French
License Shareware
Downloads 111

Proactive Detection B-HAVE (Behavioral Heuristic Analyzer in Virtual Environments) is a virtual environment that can be run on a computer to test how some potentially dangerous files act when installed. This new security software does not pose any risk to the system and your information. This new tool protects your PC from system attackers and malicious codes that may have already managed to gain access to your computer without your knowledge.

BitDefender Internet Security scans files and immediately detects any infected documents on your PC. This tool also checks for malicious rootkits, which, if activated, will try to gain control over your computer. Once any compromised files or potential attackers are detected, they are removed.

This software also makes sure that your browsing is safe and checks the POP3 and SMTP protocol levels. BitDefender Internet Security – 10 can be used on Outlook, The Bat, Netscape and some other emails to check outgoing and incoming emails for infections. Without any question, this software provides maximum security for your online experience.



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