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Vendor BitDefender LLC
Vendor`s Web
Version 10
OS Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP
Language English,German,French,Spanish,Romanian
License Shareware

According to third-party security specialists, Bitdefender has managed to prove itself as a reliable and effective AV program. This tool manages to scan computers effectively and detect system threats, as well as malicious and infected files. With these features, it proves itself to be a really effective security application that meets all the requirements set for AV software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Pro 2013 comes to your computer together with tools that provide high protection to your system. No matter how you use your PC, this software gives you trustworthy protection from malicious and harmful PC attackers. This tool even has a virtual browser. This browser crates a safe environment to give you the opportunity to browse the internet without having to worry after that. What is more, if you try to share a compromised link with your friends, this AV will check it before you have sent it or posted it.

Bitdefender even keeps an eye on your personal information and protects it from threats and attackers. Scam tools and pages are commonly used by hackers to try to trick unaware PC users into submitting their personal and financial details to cyber criminals voluntarily. There are also computer intruders created to steal your sensitive information and then use it to make a profit. This is where Bitdefender interferes. This AV program can be configured to block certain information from being shared without your permission. One more advantage of Bitdefender is that it opens a secure browser connection if it detects that you are shopping or banking online.

To make it even easier for you, Bitdefender provides its users with an option called “Auto Pilot”. This option can be set to make security decisions. The settings of this Auto Pilot are made once, on system installation. You can also change your scan schedule, as well as you can make some other changes to your AV program. You can use a password for your settings to protect them, and you can even run the software if your PC is already infected to detect and remove the infection. In such cases, the application is run in rescue mode, and the PC is rebooted in Safe Mode to make it possible for Bitdefender to scan your machine and repair it.

Bitdefender provides its customers with 24/7 telephone support for New Zealand, Australia, the UK, USA and Romania. For other countries like France, Spain, Brazil and Canada, this service is provided in work hours. Also, you can ask your questions via chat or email.

As you can see yourself, Bitdefender Antivirus 2013 will protect your PC for you while you are surfing the net, watching videos or downloading files. There is no need to worry if you put an external device into your computer, because Bitdefender will again protect you from unwanted intruders and harmful creations of hackers. The effectiveness of this software is proven by its users, which are more than 400 million.

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