Free Download 10 nemme tilbagevendende fakturering løsninger til din virksomhed

10 nemme tilbagevendende fakturering løsninger til din virksomhed

Most entrepreneurs, with an online business or not, usually come across an idea to start a service based on subscription. Then you think and rethink this idea because of the tedious task of managing those subscriptions and setting up a system to organize them.

We also came across this issue once and started looking for Online Recurring Billing Solutions. The list you'll see next is a summary of this research and we hope it helps you finding the best solution for you.

If you know any other great solution, please share it with us by commenting!

More about recurring billing:

1. Zuora

Zuora makes it easy for any company to build, manage, and grow a subscription business offering an array of great products that accomplish that.

Z-Billing and Z-Payments make it fast and easy to launch new products, scale operations, and automate recurring billing and subscription payments in one solution. Their Z-Force product integrates Z-Billing and Z-Payments with so you can better sell subscriptions and service those customers already created in

Great internview with Zuora's CEO about their software:


2. Spreedly

Spreedly is a very nice looking and new app to easily manage your subscriptions. It offer services such as "Free Trials", "Level Offering" (with different prices), "Recurring Logic featuring" and so on. They also offer a quite well documented API, making it easy to integrate their system with your website and current payment pateway.

Price: $19 per month + 20¢ per payment transaction (* or 2% per payment transaction, whichever is less.)

3. Chargify

Chargify is another great looking app to organize the recurring billing on your products or services. At Chargify you get many great features such as "Recurring Billing System", "Subscription Management", "BI Tools", "PCI Compliant Security", "recurring Billing PCI" and much more.

Price: FREE for up do 50 customers (USD 49.00 for up to 500)

Take a look at Chargify's demo video to get an idea of what they have to offer:


4. Recurly

Recurly is another app that automates your recurring billing and was created in 2009. The founders started this company because of a growing trend: "more and more companies were struggling to get their subscription billing under control. Recurring billing seemed like a simple problem but was complicated enough to trip up even the best teams. Too many talented people were working on reinventing billing instead of working on their service (or just working less)."

So Recurly was born offering features like  "Automated Recurring Billing", "Customizable Billing Pages and E-mails", "Secure Storage for Customers Credit Cards", "Great Integration with your Website". Another positive point about Recurly is that it doesn't require a Gateway CIM (Country Information Manager) that would usually cost you about USD 20.00 monthly.

5. CannyBill

CanyBill, a brainchild of a British company called, is another app developed to easily integrate recurring billing to your website, but also offers a kind of invoicing and online payment solution with easy to create forms.

This is a more limited software for fancy applications, but could be a nice start for a test market of your product or service.

Price: FREE (3 active clients) and USD 7 for up to 50 active clients.

6. BillingCircle

Billing Circle is a complete app that removes the "pain" of your entire recurring billing management process.

Price: USD 59.00 (for up to 250 transactions/mo)

7. JBilling

JBilling is a great open source web-based billing software that you can download and install on your server for free! You need some technical know how and a server to install the software. Some features include "Automating your Billing Cicle", "Integrate to", "Integrate it to your existing site" and so on.

Price: FREE (Open Source software)

8. Aria Systems

Aria's Payment Engine facilitates the entire capture-to-cash cycle by incorporating payment collection, payment processing and exception management (dunning) into a single efficient module.

Price: N/A

9. Cheddar Getter

CheddarGetter is a simple yet nice app to control your subscriptions or recurring billings.

It's an easy to install application that offers many features such as "Micro-Billing, Micro-Payments, Charge Aggregation", "Customer Specific Pricing", "Pricing Promotions" and so on. It's worth to take a look at what these guys have to offer!

Pricing: FREE (up to 20 customers)

10. PayCkr

One of the simplest available options, PayCheckr is a unique, customizable tool that aggregates cash & non-cash payment options into one simple button.

Pricing: FREE (for now)